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Foot and Ankle Care Begins with Heart

Jonathan Huey, Doctor of Podiatry and Foot and Ankle Surgeon
Jonathan Huey, DPM
Board-certified Doctor of Podiatric Medicine
Foot & Ankle Surgeon

“Treat the patient, not the disease,” is a doctor’s decree but what does it mean to patients like you? Some of the qualities that a good doctor should possess are measurable while others are not. For Dr. Jonathan Huey, empathy comes naturally for starters, and is just one of his many immeasurable qualities that his patients say, makes him such a great doctor.

They could easily add humility, compassion, and kindness to the list. Talk to those who’ve known him for his entire life and they’ll tell you that his calling has always been to help people. It was never more apparent than when he took a humanitarian trip to Kenya in his early twenties to volunteer at a village hospital and came home a changed person.

Why Podiatry as a profession? Dr. Huey reminds us that it’s so easy to take our feet and ankles for granted. In fact, it’s not until something goes wrong when we realize just how debilitating life can be. From walking across the room to running a marathon, we rely on them to stay active day in and day out. He’s a true believer that our ability to move without pain helps us live our best lives.

As a highly-skilled surgeon, Dr. Huey performs many advanced surgeries such as arthroscopic ankle surgery. As a humble clinician, he’s just as content to diagnose and treat minor ailments such as a foot wart. For him, ego has no place in his profession—it’s all about helping us back on our feet again. Being a good doctor begins with being a good person.

Dr. Huey joined Bay Area Foot & Laser Podiatry Group in 2019 and has since acquired the private practice from his retired partner. He is guided by his principle to always treat people with respect, and by his vision to bring back the “old school days” when doctors took the time to really get to know their patients and listen to what concerns them. He believes that people who seek help deserve no less.

Dr. Huey is a contributing writer for business publications such as Podiatry Management magazine.

When he’s not working or writing, he especially enjoys spending quality time with his wife Jodi and hanging out with their ragdoll cat Milo. He is a Bay Area native and resides in Lafayette, CA.

Up Close with Dr. Jonathan Huey

Get to know Dr. Huey as he answers questions about his life, philosophy, and practice.


Diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the foot, ankle, and lower leg.

Clinical & Surgical Interests

Diabetic wound care, limb salvage, trauma, pediatric deformity. Forefoot and rearfoot surgery including ankle arthoscopy. Nerve surgery. Laser treatment for onychomycosis (nail fungus) and laser therapy for pain.

Postgraduate Training

Foot and Ankle Surgery Residency with Reconstructive Rearfoot/Ankle Surgery
Presence/AMITA St. Joseph Hospital PMSR/RRA Podiatric Residency Program, Chicago, IL

Medical Degree

Medical Group Affiliations


Rodriguez-Collazo E., Huey, J. Microsurgical Limb Reconstruction Utilizing Truelok TL External Fixator: A Case Report. Genij Ortopedii. T. 24. No 1. pp. 86-91. DOI 10.18019/1028-4427-2018-24-1-86-91

Warning: The PDF contains graphic surgery photos that may be objectionable.