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Putting Her Best Foot Forward For You

Lisa Harrison, Doctor of Podiatry and Foot and Ankle Surgeon
Lisa Harrison, DPM
Doctor of Podiatric Medicine
Foot & Ankle Surgeon

“It always feels great to help people get back to their active lives,” says Dr. Lisa Harrison. She is an East Bay local who was born and raised in Antioch and works alongside Dr. Jonathan Huey at Bay Area Foot & Laser Podiatry Group.

She has many reasons for loving podiatry but the most important one for her is the rewarding feeling that comes from taking care of patients that occasionally, quite literally, limp into the office and leave smiling because of the great relief from the pain and discomfort they had been enduring. Coupled with that, she enjoys meeting her fellow East Bay neighbors, ranging from children to the elderly.

A career in health was always what she wanted so, she zeroed in on podiatry after doing internships in different areas of medicine while at the University of California, Davis; she just knew podiatry was for her and she loves being an expert on feet and ankles both clinically and surgically.

Dr. Harrison treats every person who comes in through the door with kindness and compassion; she makes sure all patients feel heard and understood. In addition, she prefers to treat most patients conservatively, if possible. Although she is surgically trained, she likes to exhaust conservative treatment options before surgery is seriously considered.

Aside from her love for meeting and treating all the wonderful people of the East Bay Area, she has a passion for animal rescue and her empathy is shown by volunteering for this cause. She volunteered and fostered with various rescue organizations including Pets Are Worth Saving (PAWS) Chicago, where she became the designated foster for cats or dogs that have been through traumatic experiences, abused, or under socialized and needed extra time, patience, and care to learn that humans are safe and loving.

Locally, she has volunteered at the San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in the Mission District, the Oakland SPCA, the Northern CA Weimaraner Rescue, and other small feline rescue centers. She also enjoys reading and watching non-fiction and documentary series in her free time.

One on One with Dr. Lisa Harrison

Get to know Dr. Harrison as she answers questions about treating and caring for patients.


Diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the foot, ankle, and lower leg.

Clinical & Surgical Interests

Pediatrics, Athletes, Elderly, and all ages in between. Trained in elective foot surgery, trauma, microscopic nerve repair, ortho-plastic surgery, diabetic limb salvage and external fixation. Exploring all conservative treatment options before surgical intervention. Taking the time to understand every patient’s goals focusing on empathy, respect, and trust.

Postgraduate Training

Foot and Ankle Surgery Residency with Reconstructive Rearfoot/Ankle Surgery
Presence/AMITA St. Joseph Hospital PMSR/RRA Podiatric Residency Program, Chicago, IL

Medical Degree

Medical Group Affiliations


Harrison L., Tran Y., Rodriguez-Collazo E. Superficial Peroneal Nerve to Deep Peroneal Nerve End-to-side Nerve Transfer for Management of Chronic Anterior Leg Compartment Muscle Weakness: A Case Series of 10 Patients. American Podiatric Medical Association 2020 CECH Summer Series Poster Abstract. September 2020.