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One on One with Dr. Lisa Harrison

Get to know Dr. Harrison and her treatment philosophy at Bay Area Foot & Laser Podiatry Group


Why is being a podiatrist important to you?

A. I always knew I wanted a career in health. After doing internships in different areas of medicine while at UC Davis, I knew podiatry was for me. I love being an expert on feet and ankles both clinically and surgically. More so, the fact that we are trained to treat everything from fungal toenails to complex reconstructive surgery of the foot and ankle drew me to the profession. We see patients of all ages, from infants to centenarians!

This is a field where some problems bring a patient in with pain and the same patient walks out of the office pain-free, in one visit. It’s a great feeling to help people get back to their active lives. No two days are the same at Bay Area Foot & Laser Podiatry Group.


What makes you passionate about podiatry?

A. Feet carry us through life. They take us on a walk, carry us to work, and get us to our vacation spots. They help us exercise so, we need to keep them healthy.


What is your treatment philosophy or approach to patients who come in?

A. I always aim to exhaust conservative options first.


Compassion is so important. Does it come naturally for you?

A. I am extremely compassionate and kind to all people: patients, non-patients, hospital staff, strangers, baristas, reps, etc.


Are you a good listener to people’s concerns?

A. I believe so because I do take my time to make sure a patient feels heard, and I often hear that as feedback from patients as well. Frequently, I hear statements like, “I feel like you truly listen and talk to me like a real person.”


Are you someone patients think they can trust?

A. Yes, my goal is always to get patients healthy without necessarily using methods that I do not consider beneficial. I want them to feel at ease, reassured and confident in the diagnosis they get and my treatment of the problem.