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A Patient's Success Story:
Austin's Awesome Appointments

He tried laser therapy before. So what's the main difference now? How one man realized that controlling his toenail fungus problem was more about who was doing the treatment than the treatment itself.

Austin H. has been happily singing, strumming, and songwriting his way through life. He picked up a guitar in the 60s and hasn’t stopped entertaining audiences ever since. His style of classic country and country rock will get your foot tapping in no time.

One could say Austin’s love for music runs from his head to his toes. He was bopping right along until one day, a big toe of his took center stage. His doctor diagnosed it as a fungal nail infection. Of the treatment options, his doctor cautioned him about the oral drugs—while they can be effective, they can also cause liver damage.

What’s strange is that it just affected my left big toe. I was sick of it. It was ugly.

Uncertain about what to do, Austin looked into the anti-fungal pills further and decided the benefits just didn’t outweigh the risks. Still without a good solution, he turned to some over-the-counter creams but they didn’t work. The nail fungus kept hanging around like a groupie without a home. He describes, “What’s strange is that it just affected my left big toe. I was sick of it. It was ugly.”

When Austin first learned about laser therapy as a safe alternative to the pills that could harm his liver, he was skeptical but willing to give it a try. The treatment worked but the problem eventually came back. He waited a while before deciding to give it another shot—this time, he saw Dr. Jonathan Huey.

Dr. Huey offers a candid perspective, “Fungal nail infections can be difficult to treat. It can take months to see results and still, repeat infections are common. That’s why so many people come in feeling so defeated about it. Fungus is everywhere in the environment. We think it’s important for patients to understand the reality of what we’re dealing with here, but also to know that it’s not a lost cause, there’s real hope, and we can help people get rid of their fungus.”

We’re going to tackle it together as a team.

Dr. Huey believes the best way to start is with education. He elaborates, “I like to go into detail about what the problem is, where it comes from, why it’s important for patients to actively get involved, and how we’re going to tackle it together as a team.” For Austin, this was music to his ears.

PinPointe™ FootLaser® device used to kill toenail fungus under the nail bed

So what is PinPointe™ FootLaser® exactly? Cleared by the FDA for the temporary increase of clear nail growth, it’s a simple laser procedure that’s virtually pain-free, takes less than an hour, and requires no anesthesia. It’s considered safe and effective for everyone.

“How it works is quite easy to explain,” says Dr. Huey. “While I slowly move the laser over the area of the infection, the laser kills the fungus under the nail bed without damaging the nail or surrounding skin. Because toenails are slow to grow out, you won’t start seeing results until the new healthy nails grow in. That’s where your patience comes in. While there’s always a risk of re-infection, most of our patients achieve effective results after just one treatment.1

Dr. Huey goes on to say, “My patients have a sense of renewed hope when I tell them we’re going fight their toenail fungus problem together with a one-two punch: my treatment here at my office and their self-care regimen at home. Patients like Austin leave our office feeling confident by knowing that a successful outcome takes commitment, time and patience.”

When asked about the difference between Dr. Huey and the previous doctor whom Austin saw for laser therapy, he describes, “Dr. Huey is very nice, conscientious, and friendly. He takes as much time as necessary. I’m not getting rushed in an out.”

Austin recalls on a follow-up visit, “Dr. Huey insisted that I apply the brush-on topical ointment every day and spray my shoes,” although he admits he doesn’t do the latter regularly. When it comes to self-care, Dr. Huey can empathize, “We’re all human. Sometimes, life gets in the way of our best intentions. I’ll continue to encourage my laser patients like Austin by cheering them on. Now that they have a clear understanding of what it takes, I trust they’ll find the right balance for themselves.”

I like the fact that I’m being monitored every five to six months.

Austin is happy to have found a true partner in Dr. Huey to manage his toenail fungus problem. “I went back in six months and it was fine,” he shares enthusiastically. “I like the fact that I’m being monitored every five to six months. I’m glad I’m really on top of this now and I really know what to do if there is a problem.”

Before and after laser treatment results by Dr. Huey of toenail fungus problem.
Before-and-after photos show positive results after six months.

No longer a skeptic, Austin sings the praises of PinPointe FootLaser Therapy specifically from Dr. Huey, “Now, I’m a believer in it because it really does work. I have a friend whose has fungus on two toes since she was a child and I told her to go see Dr. Huey.”

Musically speaking, we at Bay Area Foot & Laser Podiatry Group are happy to say Austin has got into a mighty fine rhythm with his recheck appointments, and his big toe is performing in perfect harmony with its nine other band members we know as “The Phalanges.”

If you’re interested in receiving PinPointe™ FootLaser® Therapy from Dr. Huey to treat your toenail fungus problem, then please contact us for a pressure-free consultation.

We are thankful to this patient for sharing his story publicly. He was not paid nor provided with products or services in exchange for his testimonial. Exact results and experience are unique to each patient.

1 Many patients see an improvement after one procedure; however, effective results vary and are not guaranteed. The number of treatments required depends on the severity of the condition and the patient’s ability to reduce a recurrence of the infection.

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