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“I was very pleased with how well Dr Huey listened to my history of surgeries and issues with my foot. I appreciated that he didn’t jump to a surgical solution, but had some ideas about how we could alleviate the pain in non invasive ways. I liked him so much that I am scheduling an appointment for my husband, too.”
Gemtriax S.

“I was immediately made comfortable by intake nurse and knew this doctor’s office wouldn’t be like so many others where staff doesn’t even ‘see’ you when talking to/with you. Doctor was friendly, professional, and clearly knowledgeable. During and after our meeting I knew I was in great hands and would have the best possible treatment and care.”
Bonnie S.

“I am very pleased with the care that I have received from Dr. Wolpa and the Berkeley Foot Clinic. I would recommend the practice with no reservations.”
Nancy W.

“I am a long time patient who appreciates the consistent care I receive. My orthotics are great!”
Virginia H.

“Dr Wolpa rocks! I have NEVER had to wait in his office, they are so respectful of my time and I appreciate that!! His staff is courteous and professional and Dr W is so knowledgable and caring. Can’t say enough great things about this practice!!”
Lori S. Yelp

“I had a great experience with Dr. Wolpa who helped me get back on my feet after a bad flare of recurring plantar fasciitis. With my job, I’m consistently up on my feet moving around so I needed relief fast. He had great suggestions on how to relieve the pain and heal the cause of the problem with stretches, a new laser treatment I haven’t hear of, and custom orthotics. I chose to do a few sessions of the “MLS laser”, which was surprisingly helpful speeding up my usual recovery time. I haven’t had a flare in 3 months! Thank you Dr. Wolpa!”
Grace P. Yelp

“I went to Dr. Wolpa after I tore my Achilles tendon. He was super nice and helpful and approachable. He scheduled a surgery soon after diagnosing me and his staff are absolutely top-notch. They are all extremely professional and organized and helpful throughout the process. He works out of the Berkeley Foot Clinic on Mon, Tues and then works out of a Walnut Creek location on Friday.”
Andres S.

“At 63 I had given up on all treatment for my toenail fungus that I had contracted at age 20. So for over 40 years I’ve tried having my nail removed and used topicals, tried Lamisil twice, used thymol solutions under the nail and a tea tree oil solution. Nothing worked until the laser, which is totally painless. Thank you!
Stewart S., Walnut Creek, CA

“My son was referred to Dr. Wolpa from his pediatrician for a rather nasty ingrown toenail. Making the appointment was easy and the actual appointment wait times were minimal. Dr. Wolpa had a very good bedside manner with my son who overreacts to even the threat of pain. The procedure was relatively quick, efficient and effective.”
Eric B.

“After several years of treatments with little or no success, I decided to give the laser method a try. The results have been great, with improvements I did not expect to see so soon. I am very satisfied with the simplicity of the process and the outcome I have received.”
Nicholas P., Lafayette, CA.

“I have wicked plantar fasciitis and need really good orthotics in order to be able to walk without pain. I have had orthotics made by 4 others, over the past 20 years but only Dr. Wolpa can make any that work. They are not cheap but they are always effective. I have sent others who were in pain to him and he’s helped them as well. If you have arch or heel pain that is not going away, I totally recommend him.”
Lisa, Berkeley, CA.

“I had a fungal infection in my toenails and I had tried everything from herbs, vinegar treatments, nail lacquers, external nail creams etc. Nothing had worked and I was told by my primary care physician that my only choice left was to take the oral medication. I did not want to take the pills due to the side effects. When I saw the advertisement for laser treatment for fungal toenails I decided to give it a try, and I am very happy with the results. I started seeing the change in my toe nails the very first month. At the end of the three months my toe nail was clear and the chipped nail with the fungus was gone. Dr. Wolpa is an excellent foot doctor and he thoroughly explains the treatment. I am very happy with the results. I would recommend this treatment to anyone who is suffering with toenail fungus.”
Vilas P., Hayward, CA.