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Board-certified podiatrist Dr. Jonathan Huey practices five days a week between two Bay Area locations.
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Dr. Jonathan Huey shares X-rays with his patients so they can have a better understanding of the problem.
Dr. Jonathan Huey shares X-rays so his patients can have a better understanding of the problem.

X-ray Services

Sometimes, patients who see us for the first time walk in with new X-rays. This may happen if a referring doctor is unaware of our services and sends a patient to an imaging center instead. Knowing that we provide in-office X-ray services saves you time and the inconvenience of making an extra trip to get them done elsewhere.

Why X-rays are Important

X-rays can help us find the cause of your symptoms. We use them to diagnose things like arthritis, broken bones, deformities, dislocated joints, and cancer.

Before-and-after x-rays showing a rest of the fourth toe.

Here’s a good example. In this urgent trauma case, Dr. Jonathan Huey was able to examine the X-ray of a patient’s fourth toe and therefore, determine the extent of the injury. These side-by-side images compare the toe before and after the bone was reset by Dr. Huey.